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As in your daily life businesses you always get rewarded in the shape of feat currency or kind when ever you give business to some third party....similar to that if you refer our cloud mining business to your friends and associates,you are entitled to get some pretty handsome profit in shape of eum.

Earn with Capital Pay

Discover unlimited earning potential with Capital Pay!! Simply sign up with Capital Pay affiliates program and become independent business owners which provides you with a business opportunity to own a home based business without any investment or risk.

What is Capital Pay Affiliates Program

If you enjoy Capital Pay products, we want you to share your experiences to the world. For every client that you bring on to Capital Pay, you will earn X% of revenue in level 1. For every further subscriber taking Capital Pay product that your client brings on to Capital Pay, you will earn more & more.

You will also be pleased to know that your clients will also earn with this program, while you continue the earning month on month. It's our way of saying "Thank You" for sharing the love and spreading affordable mining services across the world. A simple 5-10 referrals exercise done one time can take your income up to $2,000 to $5,00,000 per month.

Consider just 5 referrals, 1 time referral who buy a package of 100 USD worth and the subscriber can earn a good monthly income.

All you do is recommend the eum mining services by directing people to your personal online portal, facebook, twitter & other social network portal or your neighbours. And Capital Pay takes care of the rest. Your business gives you regular income against your smart work, month on month ahead.

How to join Affiliates Program?

You can join our Affiliates program for free & buy any of the mining package as per your need.

How to withdraw Affiliates Earning?

You can withdraw your affiliates earning in any of your wallet on every tuesday.

How to cash in my wallet?

You can cash in your wallet via all major supported Crypto Exchange.